We partner to explore frontier technology with vision


Outpost Capital is the first Silicon Valley based venture capital fund that focus on VR/AR and frontier technology, while having a strong presence in China

We back Bold entrepreneurs who are willing to explore Uncharted Territory

We believe great Rewards always comes after great Risk taken. 

Talk less and Do more; Survive Together, Thrive Together





Investment Philosophy


We invest in early stage startups in VR/AR and new frontier technology sectors, globally. We believe China will be playing a vital role to accelerate the mass consumer adoption. We have a strong network and extensive resource in Chinese VR/AR and new frontier technology industry; more importantly we have deep insights in these industries thus we are able to maximize the value of these resource.


At Outpost, making an investment is not the end of a journey, but the beginning of a new relationship. An investment is a commitment with stronger binding of deep trust and mutual understanding. We have strong respect to our entrepreneurs, and we leverage our time, experience and expertise to push them further.


Entrepreneur-problem fit: We need you to prove to us that you are one of the top 10 people in the world to solve the problem. That's our definition of a "world-class team". VC-startup fit: We will not make an investment unless it is certain that we are able to bring a lot of value to the startup. We believe even the "hottest deals" won't be successful without the right VC for them.

Meet our team

Ryan Wang

Co-Founder and General Partner

Ryan Wang is Co-founder and General Partner of Outpost Capital, the first Silicon Valley-based venture capital fund focusing on VR/AR/new frontier technology with a strong presence in China.

Ryan is known as a VR/AR expert who oversees VR/AR companies in the US and greater China, with solid insights and strong connections in both markets.

Prior to Outpost, Ryan was a Venture Partner at CLI Ventures – a $200 million boutique VC fund based in Palo Alto. He led the TMT sector at CLI and had made a number of investments in VR/AR, Drones and Artificial Intelligence. Early in his career, Ryan has compiled a comprehensive and successful career as an investment banker at Citigroup and Societe Generale in New York City. Ryan is a snowboarder, world explorer and owner of many stylish hats.

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Sha Zhou

Co-Founder and General Partner

Sha Zhou is the Co-founder and General Partner of Outpost Capital. He is a writer, geek, venture capitalist, and foreign affairs visionary. Meanwhile, Sha is advising China’s Central Government on key issues such as the Beijing Olympics, Taiwan, Global RMB and the One Belt One Road development strategy – gaining much inspiration from FDR’s New-Era Great Depression strategies. 

Sha Zhou started as a software engineer from 1996 and worked in both technical and management position for companies such as HP, Alteon, NetScaler, NetScreen, and Juniper, etc. Sha founded and invested in numerous startup companies, spanning from robotics, drones, block chains, semiconductors, social networking, securities, computer visions, etc. Having critical resource and connections in both the U.S. and China, Sha is in a unique position to connect both worlds to form a strategic solution for new frontier technology to thrive.

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Cherie Liu

VP of Investment

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Zhongyang Xu

APAC Operating Manager

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Sami Ramly

Entrepreneur in Residence

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Portfolio Companies

Pre-ICO Companies

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